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Updated: Jan 20, 2020

There are many parts to the job of being a photographer, obviously there is taking the pictures and editing, but one thing I also do a fair bit of is checking the forecast!

Vicky and I had been in discussions about possible locations, and had or 'dry weather'/no 1 location as well as a back-up/'wet weather' option. Both are gorgeous locations and having photographed in both previously knew she would get lovely results, but I was still very keen for her no 1 choice, Vogrie. As luck would have it (after a not-forecast shower first thing) it was dry and at times the sun even came out.

Vogrie is a fantastic location for a family photoshoot, lots of space to run around, different areas to visit and at this time of year there are beautiful daffodils, blossoms and everything is bursting open with green loveliness again!

We went for a walk around, splashing in puddles, running through daffodils, playing hide & seek (in some very professional looking den's we found) climbed inside trees, searched, unsuccessfully, for frogs, played with bubbles and generally had a great time.

Max was a superstar leading the playing and having a ball, and his gorgeous little sister was such a content wee thing taking it all in and treating us to some smiles and giggles.

Thank you Anderson's, I had a ball! Here are a few of my favourites.....

If you are looking to book a family photo-session which is fun, enjoyable and leaves you with beautiful authentic images of your family please get in touch for more details.


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