I feel like I say this every time I do a competition with Yummikeys - but we had the LOVELIEST little ones and parents to work with for this shoot!! ♥️ ♥️ ♥️ This time we were looking for something slightly different (or should that be something more...) from the shoot. This was our first competition shoot with the YummiNecklace in mind. The little ones all had a feed during their shoot (be it breast or bottle - fed is best!) and I wanted to capture that connection that comes with the little quiet moments of motherhood, when you are cuddled up together with nothing else going on. Keep scrolling for mega cuteness....be careful it might just make you broody!

We spent the morning in the *stunning* Williamstone Farm Steadings. I had seen images of these steading conversations a few times online and admired them everytime - yet I was still blown away with just how beautiful they are. The design, the attention to detail, and how welcoming they are - definitely has me wondering if I can 'holiday' 20 mins from my home!

Sadie:Baby provided us with some stunning clothes for the little ones. So soft and comfortable for the little ones, as well as undeniably adorable!

Elspeth (aka Mrs Yummikeys) had also arrange for Litty's Larder to provide us with cakes to fuel us for our busy morning and oh my! The most incredible cup cake I have ever tasted! (and I have done my research 😉)

A huge thank you to Williamstone Farm Steadings, Sadie:Baby and Litty's Larder for helping make our day just as awesome as it was.

A huge thank you also goes to everyone who entered our competition. Both Elspeth and I love seeing all of their adorable wee faces appearing in our feed. Here are the lucky little ones who won - are you ready for a LOT of cuteness?!??





A special mention for wee Noah who was one of our winners but was unable to attend on the day hue to illness. Glad to hear he is doing well since and enjoying his YummiNecklace and I look forward to his mini-session post-lockdown.