Yummikeys - competition winners!

Updated: Nov 22, 2018

Elspeth - the lady behind Yummikeys - and I originally did a competition for a photo-shoot and set of keys back in March. At that point we were extremely touched by how many entrants we had. Roll on 6 months and we decided to team up again as lots of new babies had been born/started teething again in that time so figured there might be a few more people interested in entering, this time for an Autumn shoot.

Wow! We were not prepared for the number of entrants! It was a mammoth (but very enjoyable task) going through all the entrants and dividing them up in to age/stage categories and then the tricky bit of narrowing them down to fit the profile we were looking for for marketing images. Thankfully I was able to pass on the nerve wracking task of selecting the 3 winners to my 4 year old daughter!

The winners were chosen and notified. The shoots were scheduled. And wouldn't you know it, being Scotland, it rained - A LOT - the day before and the decision was taken to reschedule as the woodland would be too wet underfoot for the little ones to have fun sitting in the leaves.

Fortunately the next dates went ahead and the three gorgeous winners came along and were as good as gold! Here are a few of my favourites.... and keep an eye out on Yummikeys Instagram feed as some others may pop up there too!

A big thank you to all of our entrants, and in particular to our three lovely models, Farren, Ella and Sophia! It was my pleasure to photograph you all, and to see you enjoying the awesome products that are Yummikeys and Yummirings!