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Bumps + Babies! Is there anything cuter?!

I don't do awkward posing.

I don't do babies in baskets.

I don't require them to sleep.

You don't need to go anywhere!

Instead, I capture your baby in an authentic way, recording how perfect + amazing babies are, just as they are!


I offer three different newborn shoots, but there is a bit of overlap with them all. Keep scrolling for the details.....

fresh48| short documentary style shoots that take place when your little one is 1-2 days old. They normally take about 30 minutes, and the the whole session is very relaxed and is shot at your bedside, be that at home or in hospital.

Babies change so much in the first few days so fresh48 is a lovely way to record them when they are still so new and tiny.

Price | £200 (including all edited digital images and personal printing rights)

Simply Baby |exactly what it sounds like. Quite simply your baby and all of their awesomeness! Simple plain blanket under them. Simple, comfortable clothing. Baby led posing. Capturing their details and personality at that time. The expressions they pull. The way the move. All the things about them that make them unique, but that will change in the blink of an eye. I capture these moments so you can treasure them in years to come.

The sessions last approximately 1 hour, and focus on the little one, although I am always happy to sneak in a couple of shots with parents and/or siblings!

Price | £250 (including all edited digital images and personal printing rights)

Newborn Lifestyle |candid and documentary in style. The focus is you and your little one and the story of your family, just being a family and doing everyday things like cuddling on the sofa.  I also spend some time focusing on the little one, capturing all the tiny details and mannerisms that make them, them! 

For those images I might photograph baby on your bed, in their crib/moses basket or somewhere else in your home.  I don't bring any props like headbands with me, it's all about using your home as the backdrop and your baby and family as the focal point.  These sessions can take place up to about 6 months old.

Price | £250 (including all edited digital images and personal printing rights)

Maternity Mini |candid and documentary in style recording you and your bump as naturally as possible. Just you in an environment - your home, your favourite place - city, beach, woodland - that means something to you. Nothing cheesy, nothing forced - just your family, being yourselves.

Everyone 'pops' at different times, and your bump will likely expand very differently first time round to fourth....but most likely 28-34 weeks is a good time to have your maternity shoot.

Price | £150 (including all edited digital images and personal printing rights) 

£100 when booked with a baby package listed above.

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