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When I was expecting my second child I did A LOT of reading on how to prepare my daughter for the arrival of her younger sibling. How to introduce them, how to include her in the day-to-day of having a newborn, how to *try* to help them get along....I/she was completely over-prepared! When she arrived at the Birth Centre to meet her brother I made sure he was in the crib next to me so I could welcome her with a cuddle.....but she wanted none of that, all she wanted was to meet him/see him/cuddle him....I had been pushed down her priority list. One thing I was not prepared for was that one year on and I would be amazed at how well they get on, how genuinely helpful she has been, and how much they adore each other - it is mutual - she is his favourite person in the world!

When I met Esme and her family for her newborn photo-session she may have only been 14 days old, but already she had a big brother who ADORES her, and all I kept thinking was how lovely it will be for their family to watch them grow together the same way I have watched my two grow close over the past year.

Gorgeous newborn and adoring big brother on hand - my job was easy! Here are a few of my favourites from the session.....

If you would like further information on these sessions or to book your newborn photo-session get in contact by emailing July & August dates are pretty much full, so if you are due in September onwards please get in touch to book your newborn simplicity mini-session.


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