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I love a bit of a family tradition. My mum had portraits taken of myself and both of my brothers when we 2 and 8 months. She still has them up at home and to follow suit I took some of my daughter at the same age (and will need to remember to do the same with my son to keep her display right!! *setsreminderonphone)

Little Angus here turn 2 a couple of months back, and just like with his older brother (who makes a few appearances below) his mum arranged to get some lovely relaxed portraits taken. This is such a lovely age, communication is much easier than when they are younger, but they are still so fun and enthusiastic about everything.

As well as our paddle, we had a great time playing hide and seek in the dunes, spotting a plane or two and a lighthouse as well as playing on the pirate ship in the park - all the necessary features of a trip to Yellowcraigs in my opinion!

Whether you are starting or creating a family tradition, or just looking to update your family photos, get in touch to discuss how I can help.


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