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When I became a photographer, I expected to enjoy taking photos and sharing them with families - know that they would enjoy them for years to come. That's what I'd be looking for in a photographer anyway. What I hadn't realised would fast become my favourite part of the job wasn't actually taking photos (although I do still LOVE that part!). I love getting to meet different couples, babies and families. Getting to know them a little bit during that session and then it makes me all the happier to be able to share their images with them, as I am invested in the enjoyment they get from the images.

This could not be truer than of the Blackie family. A year down the line from when we had initially intended to do the shoot, we'd been rained off (not just drizzle, but full on weather warning torrential rain) before and were keen to capture images for Alan's birthday while the family were altogether in the Summer holidays. Hopes were being dashed as once again the forecast looked bad. We looked at changing the timings and/or location and in the end got the most glorious hour of the entire weekend, and were able to make the most of their incredible garden!


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