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CGK - by the River

While photographing a wedding back in August I had the pleasure of meeting Meg - the lady behind Cottage Garden Kitchen - and sampling some of her incredible food! A few weeks later she got in contact inviting me along to one of her upcoming pop-up events in Haddington and I was so excited!

I arrived an hour before the event was due to begin to find Meg and her very able assistants for the evening finishing off setting up the space. There was beautiful glass baubles hanging from branches at the entrance, then you climb the stairs to the most beautifully decorated space. Cottage Garden Kitchen's trademark door tables were set up with a wonderfully eclectic mix of cloth napkins, fresh flowers from Lottie Longman, crystal and china. At this point the light was streaming in the windows which overlook the River Tyne and the back of St Mary's Pleasance - a gorgeous spot. However as the evening drew on and the light faded the candle light gave the whole room an even better atmosphere.

The food. Wow! It looked incredible, so much attention to detail, all the elements so thoughtfully and carefully combined to create wonderful dishes. The smell in the kitchen was heavenly and I was very glad that I had requested to sample some of the delights that were being served that evening. The ingredients used were so fresh and local. I loved the concept of 'A Shared Meal' with platters being served and everyone eating family style, and in 'real life' it worked even better. Seeing the guests mix and interact with old friends and new was wonderful and I am already planning my visit to get to sit at the dining table myself! If you are interested in attending one of CGK's events keep an eye on their facebook page or Instagram for details of upcoming events, and I recommend them highly for Private Catering events as well!

If you have a business in Edinburgh or East Lothian and are interested in having some commerical photography taken please get in touch and we can see how I can help.


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