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Updated: Jan 20, 2020

When I've gone with families in the past to Yellowcraigs we tend to walk a similar loop...through the dunes, bit of time on the sand, back in to the dunes for a play then the woodland and play park. For the majority of families it works well and the lure of the play park ensures that the kids are kept motivated throughout the entire session.

When I met up with Imogen and her parents that plan went out the window. We made it to the beach and she had a ball! Lots of fun in and out of the water, writing in the sand, finding shells...and the lack of sunshine/heat didn't bother her one bit!

Once we did get her through to the dunes, woodland and play park there was still lots more fun to be had though.

A family photo-session with a mixture of backdrops/activities does add a bit more variety to your images, but one of the things I love most about using outdoor locations, aside from getting beautiful natural light, is being able to personalise the image to you and your family. Taking them in a stunning location that means something to you all - and when you enjoy being there it shines through in your photos!

If you would like to capture some family memories at one of the many stunning locations in and around Edinburgh and East Lothian please get in touch


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