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Updated: Apr 19, 2020

When I am chatting to someone new about being a family photographer one of the first questions I get asked is "Where is your studio?" and, I don't have one. When I think back to getting professional portraits taken as a child, they were always in a studio, yet the images that mean the most to me from my childhood are not the perfectly posed, fixed smiles, evenly lit product that came from those sessions, but rather the fun shots that captured us as a family, interacting, playing and evoke the memories of the events that go along with the images. Don't get me wrong, there are beautiful portrait photos, and we were fortunate in that my Dad had and could work his SLR so there are really lovely photos, but I do really love getting to go to somewhere special with a family, let them be themselves and have fun together, and capture that journey as it takes place.

There are times that being outdoors in Scotland isn't ideal - you are familiar with Scottish weather, right?! But, here in East Lothian we are so fortunate to have SOOOOOO many stunning locations and even on an iffy weather day you can capture amazing images!

We had had this shoot in the diary.....I had checked, rechecked and triple checked the forecast - all good. Then a couple of hours before we were due to start the heavens opened (not at all like what the Met Office had predicted that morning!) Sure enough the forecast had been updated and was now showing rain for the rest of the day so I quickly made contact with Clare to offer to reschedule. Due to coordinating two families, and a pressing special birthday coming up we decided to go ahead and were prepared that it might be damp underfoot - and maybe overhead too!

In the end, it was dry, Vogrie was, as always, gorgeous, and we got some beautiful golden hour light in the late afternoon. The kids were on great form, and my old trick of having a unicorn in my camera led to some lovely photos of Freja - and a few others where she was photo-bombing the boys!

Here are a few of my favourites.....

I am so glad we didn't postpone, and even more that we didn't have a need for the wellies/waterproofs that we brought - just in case! February might not be everyone's #1 choice of month for updating family photos, but on the right day in the right location, you'll love the images as much regardless of the season!

Hope the birthday present went down well - many happy returns to the recipient!! :)

Whether you are looking to update your own photos, gift a loved one, or maybe its a case of 'two birds with one stone', get in touch to see how I can help!


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