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Updated: Apr 19, 2020

Last week I met with this lovely family. Generally I get family bookings from people looking to update their images, get beautiful photographs of them all to put on their walls and have images with them all together. My plan though, is to not only give you beautiful images, but also to give you a fun experience to remember when you look back on those images. Initially the girls were a little hesitant but I got a lovely message from 'mum' shortly after the shoot telling me the girls were asking if we could do it again the following day! That made my day!! :)

Some people have been through studio photography with their children, with mixed experiences, but one of the things I enjoy so much about doing location lifestyle family photography is giving children that bit more freedom to be kids and have fun. St Mary's Pleasance in Haddington is an ideal location, as it is not only beautiful and quiet but also contained. Children can explore the hill maze, the wild flowers and grasses, run through the laburnum tunnel, balance along the wall, sit among the daisies, and generally have fun while being safe and contained. Good job too as Emily has lots of energy and I was glad not to have too far to run after her!

Now doesn't that sound and look like more fun than standing in a studio.......


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