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New Years Resolution.....

...2018, it has come around so quickly!

I feel that photographs shouldn't just be something that takes up (albeit worthwhile) space on your hard-drive, they should be printed, displayed and enjoyed.

In my personal life I am starting this year to make our first Family Annual. I have got books printed before with images from big events, holidays, etc but this year I want to create a record that spans the whole year and includes day-to-day life. We're only two weeks in to January and already I have pedal bike experiences and weaning adventures in there - and I am soon going to add in our first family holiday of 2018. This will hopefully be the first of many family annuals that my children can look through in years to come and enjoy! (I am also keeping a digital copy for each of them to have their own if they wish in the future!)

In my professional life I am starting this blog. It's so nice to be able to look back through photo-sessions and remember the fun we had capturing the images, to look back through locations and remember the best places we found when preparing for another photo-shoot and to be able to reflect on the continual learning process that is part of my job.



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