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Simply Baby

Updated: Apr 19, 2020

I LOVE babies! Always have. I am lucky enough to have a big family, lots of Aunts and Uncles....LOADS of cousins! My Granny always used to joke that my favourite was always the youngest one that was there at that moment....soon to be replaced when a younger one arrived.....

Babies are perfect. The don't judge. Aren't biased in any way. Have the most incredible wrist/arm/leg/thigh/etc folds. Tiny little details: the feet, hair, eyelashes. Their whole face lights up when the smile. They don't need props and poses to make them utterly adorable.

As well as full newborn lifestyle sessions, which captured your family unit with its latest addition, at home, with lots of cuddles and connection, I also offer Newborn Simply Baby sessions. These are, as the name suggests, simply all about the little one. Plain, comfortable cream backdrop, simple wee white vest, and entirely baby led posing. Letting them do their thing so that I can capture all of their gorgeousness for you to look back on. These can be at any age up until they are mobile, so no need to worry if you 'miss' the 6-10 days window of sleepiness that many newborn photographers ideally look for.

Here are a few more from a recent Simply Baby session....

Just look at her hair!! ♥️ (Both of mine had little/no hair for a good few months....and I think my son's hair is about this length now.....and he is 21 months!!).

If you would like images of your little one without the 'faff', just being themselves then please get in touch.


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