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It's official, I no longer have a baby...last week my baby technically became a toddler :'( I don't think anyone can pinpoint a moment, the changes happen so quickly, too quickly but before you know it your brand new, curled up, sweet smelling bundle of joy is on their feet and forming their own opinions!

Those first moments, days, weeks are to be have your perfect little one there in your arms and life is such a blur - or at least it was for me! Don't get me wrong there are photographers out there who take beautiful posed images with a whole selection of props but that's not my goal is to capture your little one being themselves, the way they are at that time. To give you gorgeous images to look back on and remember them being so little and so perfect.

Enter Struan!! ♥️

I could not have asked for a more perfect little guy to demonstrate my baby-led, relaxed newborn photo-sessions! I mean - just look at him! Those eyes! (and wait until you see his wee feet below!!)

Get in touch if you are expecting and would like to get a date in the diary for an 'at home' relaxed newborn photo-session. These can focus mainly on the little one but also include a few photos with mum/dad/siblings/etc.


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