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It feels like forever since I joined the Wilson's at the beach for these photo's of the might be sunny today but there is no chance the Lottie could last through the shoot in her gorgeous rainbow summer dress with how chilly it is today!

We had a great time playing in the dunes, on the beach and, topped it off with a wee play at the park!

You know your kids better than anyone, and mum had explained that George might take a bit longer to come round to the camera....sure enough the first part of the session he was a little more reserved (but still adorable!) then all of a sudden these beaming smiles appeared and he relaxed. It can take some kids a while to adjust to someone new, who has this big black camera they keep pointing at them, but with some fun games, letting the kids enjoy themselves and taking the pressure of posing away it gives children a chance to show off their personalities and gives lovely photos to treasure.

Here are a few more of my favourites...


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