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I remember that feeling of coming home from the hospital after having my first. Sitting the infant car seat down on the livingroom floor and wondering 'what on earth do we do now?!' Second time round there wasn't the time to wonder that, never mind the peace....and thankfully we had learned a thing or two the first time around. However, my hands are full. Between juggling my two little ones (not literally!), work, housework, and life in general there are never enough hours in the day.

A few weeks back I met with Rhiannon not long after she welcomed Remi, their third child, and first little lady to their family. She was made it all look so easy, and her boys, Remi's adoring big brothers were on top form. Not only joining in for photos when asked, but busying themselves helping in the garden when the focus was on the latest addition!

As well as getting images of little Remi, the older two were happy to have their portrait taken. Here are a few of my favourites from my visit.


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