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Lauralynn + Paul | Wedding | Orocco Pier

These guys 💕 Despite all of the challenges and restrictions that Covid threw their way, they had the most beautiful wedding and it was my absolute pleasure to capture these memories for them.

Before a wedding I normally like to meet my couples for a 'pre-wedding shoot'. This can be soon after booking, or it can be nearer to the wedding. For Lauralynn and Paul, we met for that shoot and then again a couple of weeks after for some photos for Lauralynn's mum's birthday, and then there was the wedding. I'm not sure if it was getting to spend more time with them before the wedding, how lovely they and their families are, how clearly in love they are, all of the challenges thrown at them in the build up to the wedding with ever changing Covid restrictions, or maybe a combination of all of them but their Orocco Pier wedding gave me ALL the feels and was absolutely amazing!!

Here are some of my favourites from their day:

If you are planning a wedding and looking for a wedding photographer, please drop me a message to find out more.


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