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Aitchison | Family photosession | Merchiston Castle grounds

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

Too many years ago to count I started working with Bruce....(before he was a dad, so looking at the girls will give you a rough idea how long ago I'm talking about!). Since then so much has changed for both of us....multiple new jobs, house moves, kids, etc. It was so nice to catch up with him, meet his lovely family and see what has to be one of the top places in Edinburgh to have been living in for lockdown!

When you let a family with both parents as PE teachers (once upon a time....) then it's maybe slightly inevitable that in a photo-session capturing the genuine moments of your family it has elements of PE lessons to it.....climbing, cartwheeling, balancing, throwing, passing, shooting, etc, etc......see how many you can spot in this selection of my favourite images from their session....

Special thanks go to the gorgeous Maggy for being ever so photogenic and impeccably behaved!

If you are interested in capturing your family, in fun, relaxed and genuine images, please get in touch.


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