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Mothers' Day

Look at all these gorgeous Mummies with their beautiful children.....these are the moments, the emotions I love to capture.

This year Mothers' Day falls early, 11th March, which means there is only 6 weeks to go!

Since becoming a mum, I have realised that time goes too fast. It truly flies! Kids don't stay little for long and its so important to capture them at this time to be able to look back on, and to show them when they are older. I have also come to realise, and from speaking to friends its not just because of my day job, that more often than its the Mum that is behind the camera capturing those precious moments. Lovely as that is, kids appreciate seeing their mum in their photos too!!

So this year, for Mothers' Day I am offering a print along side your digital order from a full family session, or a Mini-session to take place to Secret Herb Garden just outside Edinburgh. A mini-session gives you a chance to try out more relaxed, lifestyle photography while updating your photographs and getting a print to put up and enjoy! It limits the number of images you get, the session doesn't last as long, but it also costs the big question is, which session is best for you?

Full Session:

These are bespoke photo sessions for your family. The session fee secures your booking. We discuss things before the session so I can find out all about your family and we can decide on a location that suits your family perfectly. Then the session itself lasts around 60-90 minutes, but there is no real time limit, so if your little ones take a long time to warm up then I’m not going to stop shooting just as they do!

You will have around 50+ fully edited images in your gallery which are delivered to you through a secure online gallery. You then have the freedom to select as many as you wish, digitally, as products or a combination of both, so create your own tailor-made package.

A full session is perfect for you if you want a bespoke service from start to finish, and are looking to purchase beautiful images to put on your wall or stunning albums to have for years to come!

Mini Session:

They are only for families with up to 3 children, so if you have 4 or more children you need to book a full session so I have time to do your lovely big family justice! The limited shooting time also means the sessions aren’t suitable if you have children who are very shy, or a little hard to tame.

A mini session is perfect for you if you are looking to try out lifestyle photography for the first time or you just want to update a few frames around the house or have digital images to create your own products with.

My Mothers' Day mini-sessions this year are taking place in the Secret Herb Garden, just outside of Edinburgh. There is free parking and a wonderful selection of cakes and refreshments available to enjoy after your photo-session to round of the experience!


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