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LeBlanc | Maternity | Almondell and Calderwood Country Park

It feels like I am finally back shooting after the loooooongest break (thanks covid) but at the same time, I swear it was only a few months since I last photographed Renee with a bump up in the heather of the Lammermuirs when she was pregnant with her soon to be eldest child. I am delighted that the regulations eased up enough to enable me to capture this bump before the little ones arrival any day now. Can't wait to meet him!

Here is a small selection of my favourites:

If you are expecting please get in touch to get a date in the diary for around 28-34 weeks when you will have a more noticeable bump, but still be more comfortable than later on - saying that Renee made 38 weeks look a lot easier than I remember it!!


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