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Of the family photo-shoots I have done, they have almost exclusively had a pre-schooler (or two...) within

the family unit. I think when children are small and changing all the time we are keen to capture the stages to help us hold on to the memory of them being so little. As families grow up, life gets even busier, they aren't changing quite so much and possibly aren't as keen to have their photographs taken in the first place. However, in all too short a time they will then be leaving home and going on to further develop their passions and skills, making their own lives for themselves.

It was such a pleasure to meet with the Ramage family, including their two teenagers from a walk up the River Almond to capture some portraits of each of them and to record a snapshot of them at this age.

It was a freezing cold morning, but once we left the front at Cramond it became a bit more sheltered and Alex was able to don her pointe shoes for some ballet portraits, something I wasn't sure if we'd be able to include given the temperature, but so glad that we did!

Here are a few of my highlights from their session.....


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